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"We cannot erase the
sting of death, but we
can make it easier."


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Photo of Martin, Mr. Charles A. ( Mr. Charles A. ("Rat") Martin   12/19/2014
Photo of Brown, Mr. Reginald Mr. Reginald Brown   12/16/2014
Photo of Farris, Mrs. Doris Mitchell Mrs. Doris Mitchell Farris   12/14/2014
Photo of Montague, Mr. Rufus Mr. Rufus Montague   12/11/2014
Photo of Hollingsworth, Baby Boy Braylen Amir Baby Boy Braylen Amir Hollingsworth   12/11/2014
Photo of Smith, Jr., Mr. Ernest Bernard Mr. Ernest Bernard Smith, Jr.   12/09/2014
Photo of Toney, Mrs. Mattie Lee Mrs. Mattie Lee Toney   12/08/2014
Photo of Mitchell, Mrs. Dorothy Mrs. Dorothy Mitchell   12/07/2014
Photo of Alexander, Sr., Mr. Barry Mr. Barry Alexander, Sr.   12/06/2014
Photo of Caudle, Mrs. Suzie Mae Crawford Thomas Mrs. Suzie Mae Crawford Thomas Caudle   11/30/2014
Photo of Wilson, Mrs. Inez Garner Mrs. Inez Garner Wilson   11/28/2014
Photo of McField, The Reverend Willie Kate The Reverend Willie Kate McField   11/28/2014
Photo of Patton, Mr. Christopher Arnel Mr. Christopher Arnel Patton   11/27/2014
Photo of Bone, Mr. Charles Mr. Charles Bone   11/26/2014
Photo of Townsend. Sr., Elder John  B. Elder John B. Townsend. Sr.   11/25/2014
Photo of Binford, Mrs. Bessie M. Mrs. Bessie M. Binford   11/24/2014
Photo of Bernard, Mr. William Mr. William Bernard   11/24/2014
Photo of Rice, (Baby  Boy) Hunter Ray (Baby Boy) Hunter Ray Rice   11/23/2014
Photo of Jones, Mrs. Thelma Jean Mrs. Thelma Jean Jones   11/19/2014
Photo of Brown, Mrs. Alice E. Mrs. Alice E. Brown   11/19/2014
Photo of Haygood, Mr. James L. Mr. James L. Haygood   11/18/2014
Photo of McCaulley-Ray, Mrs. Brenda Sue Mrs. Brenda Sue McCaulley-Ray   11/18/2014
Photo of McCaulley, Jr., Mr. Larry Mr. Larry McCaulley, Jr.   11/14/2014
Photo of McCaulley, Ms. Cora Sue Ms. Cora Sue McCaulley   11/14/2014
Photo of Davis, Ms. Blanchie Ms. Blanchie Davis   11/13/2014
Photo of Friend, Mr. Thomas Mr. Thomas Friend   11/13/2014
Photo of King, Mrs. Verna C. Mrs. Verna C. King   11/12/2014
Photo of Foster, Mrs. Claudia W. Mrs. Claudia W. Foster   11/11/2014
Photo of Green, Deacon Nolan Deacon Nolan "Sunny" Green   11/11/2014
Photo of Askew, Mrs. Shirley Tiller Mrs. Shirley Tiller Askew   11/11/2014
Photo of Watson, Mrs. Novella Hunter Mrs. Novella Hunter Watson   11/10/2014
Photo of Chunn, Infant Kaliyah  D. Infant Kaliyah D. Chunn   11/09/2014
Photo of Thompson, Mr. Byrom Mr. Byrom Thompson   11/05/2014
Photo of Dillard, Mr. Billy Ray Mr. Billy Ray Dillard   11/04/2014
Photo of Moore, Mrs. Angela Dawn Mrs. Angela Dawn Moore   11/03/2014
Photo of Similton, Ms. Nannie Ms. Nannie Similton   10/29/2014
Photo of Miller, Mrs. Mary Lou Dobbins Mrs. Mary Lou Dobbins Miller   10/28/2014
Photo of Grady, Ms. Michelle Ms. Michelle Grady   10/27/2014
Photo of Stewart, Mr. George Mr. George Stewart   10/26/2014
Photo of Conley, Mrs. Erma Bills Mrs. Erma Bills Conley   10/25/2014
Photo of Hester, Mr. Frank Mr. Frank Hester   10/14/2014
Photo of Branch, Mrs. Eartis Johnson Mrs. Eartis Johnson Branch   10/10/2014
Photo of Streeter, Mrs. Every Mrs. Every Streeter   10/09/2014
Photo of Jones, Mr. Julian Alexander Mr. Julian Alexander Jones   10/06/2014
Photo of Duerod , Mrs. Geraldean B. Mrs. Geraldean B. Duerod   10/06/2014
Photo of Ford, Ms. Monika L. Ms. Monika L. Ford   10/06/2014
Photo of Chunn, Mrs. Marcella B. Mrs. Marcella B. Chunn   10/03/2014
Photo of Battles, Mr. Devin J. Mr. Devin J. Battles   10/02/2014
Photo of Stout, Sr., Mr. Don Edward Mr. Don Edward Stout, Sr.   09/28/2014
Photo of Spencer, Mr. Robert Mr. Robert Spencer   09/22/2014
Photo of Clift, Sr., William Henry William Henry Clift, Sr.   09/20/2014
Photo of Eldridge, Mrs. Dorothy Bone Mrs. Dorothy Bone Eldridge   09/20/2014
Photo of Garner, Mr. Isaiah Mr. Isaiah Garner   09/20/2014
Photo of Davis, Mr. James E. ( Mr. James E. ("Peter") Davis   09/18/2014
Photo of Boone, Reverend Percy Lee Reverend Percy Lee Boone   09/18/2014
Photo of Hammonds, Mrs. Sandra K. Mrs. Sandra K. Hammonds   09/17/2014
Photo of Jackson, Mrs . Nettye Landrum Mrs . Nettye Landrum Jackson   09/13/2014
Photo of McClung, Master Colby A. Master Colby A. McClung   09/13/2014
Photo of Laughinghouse, Jr., Deacon John W. Deacon John W. Laughinghouse, Jr.   09/11/2014
Photo of Ford, Mr. James Anthony ( Mr. James Anthony ("BeBe") Ford   09/10/2014
Photo of Filer, Mr. William Mr. William Filer   09/09/2014
Photo of Perez, Mr. Emilio Cruz Mr. Emilio Cruz Perez   09/08/2014
Photo of Fletcher, Mr. Clifton Mr. Clifton Fletcher   09/07/2014
Photo of Childress, Mr. Bobby E. Mr. Bobby E. Childress   09/06/2014
Photo of McDonald, Ms. Margaret Catherine Ms. Margaret Catherine McDonald   09/03/2014
Photo of Ford, Sr., Mr. Leslie Mr. Leslie Ford, Sr.   08/31/2014
Photo of Moore, Jr., Mr. Columbus Mr. Columbus Moore, Jr.   08/31/2014
Photo of Blackshear, Ms. Mollie Rea Ms. Mollie Rea Blackshear   08/26/2014
Photo of Jones, Mr. Darren (a.k.a. Mr. Darren (a.k.a. "Mooney") Jones   08/21/2014
Photo of Townsend, Mr. Jimmy Edd ( Mr. Jimmy Edd ("Jim") Townsend   08/20/2014
Photo of Humphrey, Mrs. Cynthia M. Mrs. Cynthia M. Humphrey   08/14/2014
Photo of Rogers, Mother Patricia H. Mother Patricia H. Rogers   08/13/2014
Photo of Clemons, Mr. Paul E. Mr. Paul E. Clemons   08/13/2014
Photo of Sanders, Master Khamani Omarion Master Khamani Omarion Sanders   08/10/2014
Photo of Robinson, Mrs. Johnnie M. Mrs. Johnnie M. Robinson   08/09/2014
Photo of Gilbreath, Mrs. Eurdis I. Mrs. Eurdis I. Gilbreath   08/06/2014
Photo of Baker, Ms. Dolling D. ( Ms. Dolling D. ("Nona") Baker   08/04/2014
Photo of Wynn, Jr., Mr. Lonnie Mr. Lonnie Wynn, Jr.   08/04/2014
Photo of Jackson, Ms. Lennetta Ms. Lennetta Jackson   08/03/2014
Photo of Spencer, Mrs. Betty Mrs. Betty Spencer   08/02/2014
Photo of Steger-Battle, Mrs. Vera L. Mrs. Vera L. Steger-Battle   07/31/2014
Photo of Ward, Mr. Donald D. Mr. Donald D. Ward   07/27/2014
Photo of Pope, Mr. Allen ( Mr. Allen ("Pete" - "Reggie") Pope   07/23/2014
Photo of Kemp, Sr., Mr. Sam H. Mr. Sam H. Kemp, Sr.   07/23/2014
Photo of Tanner White, Ms. Corietha Ms. Corietha Tanner White   07/16/2014
Photo of Weatherly, Jr., Mr. Thomas Elias Mr. Thomas Elias Weatherly, Jr.   07/15/2014
Photo of Maclin, Ms. Barbara T. Ms. Barbara T. Maclin   07/14/2014
Photo of Moore Hammons, Mr. Michael Mr. Michael Moore Hammons   07/14/2014
Photo of Derrick, Little Miss Angel Marie Little Miss Angel Marie Derrick   07/14/2014
Photo of Porter, Mr. James Mr. James Porter   07/13/2014
Photo of Jordan, Mrs. Lucille Mrs. Lucille Jordan   07/11/2014
Photo of King, Jr., Mr. Nathaniel Mr. Nathaniel King, Jr.   07/09/2014
Photo of Ragland, Mrs. Fannie B. Mrs. Fannie B. Ragland   07/08/2014
Photo of Derrick, Mrs. Roxie A. Mrs. Roxie A. Derrick   07/08/2014
Photo of Shoulders, Ms. Linda B. Ms. Linda B. Shoulders   07/07/2014
Photo of Robinson, Mrs. Thelma Marie Smith Mrs. Thelma Marie Smith Robinson   07/06/2014
Photo of Barnes, Mrs. Annie Lee Walker Mrs. Annie Lee Walker Barnes   06/30/2014
Photo of Battle-Keith, Ms. Queen E. Ms. Queen E. Battle-Keith   06/30/2014
Photo of Parker, Sr., Mr. Willie Erskine Mr. Willie Erskine Parker, Sr.   06/29/2014
Photo of Humphrey, Mr. Danny Lewis Mr. Danny Lewis Humphrey   06/25/2014
Photo of Langford, Mrs. Lottie M. Mrs. Lottie M. Langford   06/23/2014
Photo of Cross, Ms. Annie Ms. Annie Cross   06/22/2014
Photo of Gurley, Ms. Shirley Ann Ms. Shirley Ann Gurley   06/21/2014
Photo of Wright, Mr. William Carlos Mr. William Carlos Wright   06/20/2014
Photo of Gurley, Mr. Ronald E. ( Mr. Ronald E. ("Pete") Gurley   06/13/2014
Photo of Dorsey, Mrs. Elizabeth Mrs. Elizabeth Dorsey   06/07/2014
Photo of Snodgrass, Mrs. Georgia Parker Mrs. Georgia Parker Snodgrass   06/06/2014
Photo of Stradford-Wright, Mrs. Karen Mrs. Karen Stradford-Wright   06/01/2014
Photo of Scruggs, Sr., Mr. James E. ( Mr. James E. ("Yam") Scruggs, Sr.   05/31/2014
Photo of Jones, Mrs. Minnie Mrs. Minnie Jones   05/27/2014
Photo of Jones, Mrs. Mary Watts Mrs. Mary Watts Jones   05/27/2014
Photo of Farris, Mr. Walter ( Mr. Walter ("Pete") Farris   05/26/2014
Photo of Gordon, Mr. Willie Mr. Willie Gordon   05/26/2014
Photo of Henry, Mrs. Louise Dean Mrs. Louise Dean Henry   05/26/2014
Photo of Jones, Mr. Shelly Roy Mr. Shelly Roy Jones   05/24/2014
Photo of Wherry, Mr. Bryant Mr. Bryant Wherry   05/21/2014
Photo of Drake, Jr., Baby Anthony D Baby Anthony D Drake, Jr.   05/21/2014
Photo of Harrison, Mr Robert Mr Robert Harrison   05/19/2014
Photo of Phillips, Jr, Mr. Ernest E. Mr. Ernest E. Phillips, Jr   05/15/2014
Photo of Clayborn, Jr., Mr. Willie Mr. Willie Clayborn, Jr.   05/14/2014
Photo of Newby, Mrs. Vanessa Peoples Mrs. Vanessa Peoples Newby   05/13/2014
Photo of Hughes, Mr. Richard Lee Mr. Richard Lee Hughes   05/10/2014
Photo of Barnard, Mr. Walter ( Mr. Walter ("Bubba") Barnard   05/10/2014
Photo of Scott, Mrs. Bertha M. Mrs. Bertha M. Scott   05/10/2014
Photo of Steele, Minister James Minister James Steele   05/09/2014
Photo of Scissum, Dr.  Rachelle McGregor Dr. Rachelle McGregor Scissum   05/09/2014
Photo of Holt, Ms. Carrie Lee Ms. Carrie Lee Holt   05/09/2014
Photo of Harris-Jones, Ms. Qeyaveian Ms. Qeyaveian Harris-Jones   05/07/2014
Photo of Hobbs, Ms. Dorothy Ms. Dorothy Hobbs   05/06/2014
Photo of McCurdy, Mrs. Dorothy M. Mrs. Dorothy M. McCurdy   05/04/2014
Photo of Reed, Ms. Burnidean Ms. Burnidean Reed   05/04/2014
Photo of Jones, Mrs. Bessie Draper Mrs. Bessie Draper Jones   05/03/2014
Photo of Mosley, Mr. Joseph Willie Mr. Joseph Willie Mosley   04/30/2014
Photo of Bland, Mr. Billy R. Mr. Billy R. Bland   04/30/2014
Photo of Gonzalez, Mr. Misael Mr. Misael Gonzalez   04/28/2014
Photo of Kelly, Mother Odell Milton Mother Odell Milton Kelly   04/26/2014
Photo of Parker, Mr. James Mr. James Parker   04/24/2014
Photo of Edwards, Jr., Reverend John L. Reverend John L. Edwards, Jr.   04/17/2014
Photo of Applewhite, Ms. Wendy P. Ms. Wendy P. Applewhite   04/15/2014
Photo of Ricks, Mr. Woodson ( Mr. Woodson ("Bubba") Ricks   04/15/2014
Photo of Brazelton, Mrs. Gail P. Mrs. Gail P. Brazelton   04/13/2014
Photo of Hambrick, Mr. James Willie Mr. James Willie Hambrick   04/12/2014
Photo of Bright, Ms. Sandra B. Ms. Sandra B. Bright   04/12/2014
Photo of Brown, Mrs. Johnnie Mae Mrs. Johnnie Mae Brown   04/09/2014
Photo of Barley, Mr. Leroy Mr. Leroy Barley   04/08/2014
Photo of Betts, Jr., Mr. John H. Mr. John H. Betts, Jr.   04/06/2014
Photo of Woods, Baby Boy Ayden Baby Boy Ayden Woods   04/04/2014
Photo of Stewart, Mrs. Hazel Suddeath Mrs. Hazel Suddeath Stewart   04/04/2014
Photo of Garner, Mr. Willie Mr. Willie Garner   04/03/2014
Photo of Woods, Mr. Leroy Mr. Leroy Woods   04/02/2014
Photo of McCrary, Mrs. Rose Emma ( Mrs. Rose Emma ("Maxie") McCrary   03/30/2014
Photo of Harlin, Mrs. Maudine Lansden Mrs. Maudine Lansden Harlin   03/30/2014
Photo of Vickers, Mr. Raymond Allen Mr. Raymond Allen "Coach" Vickers   03/24/2014
Photo of Brazelton, Mr. Joe Ed Mr. Joe Ed Brazelton   03/24/2014
Photo of Gurley, Mrs. Nettie Brandon Mrs. Nettie Brandon Gurley   03/22/2014
Photo of Pulley, Mrs. Jean Wade Mrs. Jean Wade Pulley   03/21/2014
Photo of Dillard, Mr. William L. Mr. William L. Dillard   03/19/2014
Photo of Bloodsaw, Infant Girl Selah Janel Infant Girl Selah Janel Bloodsaw   03/17/2014
Photo of Graham, Mr. Harold Mr. Harold Graham   03/17/2014
Photo of Nance, Sr., Mr. James C. Mr. James C. Nance, Sr.   03/15/2014
Photo of Houston, Mrs. Ada Harris Mrs. Ada Harris Houston   03/15/2014
Photo of Binford, Sr., Mr. Richard ( Mr. Richard ("Rick") Walter Binford, Sr.   03/14/2014
Photo of Williams, Mr. Shedrick Mr. Shedrick Williams   03/11/2014
Photo of Steger, Mr. Garry Mr. Garry Steger   03/10/2014
Photo of Gideon, Sr., Mr. Samuel ( Mr. Samuel ("Dick") Gideon, Sr.   03/09/2014
Photo of Kimbrough, Mrs. Margaret Malone Mrs. Margaret Malone Kimbrough   03/08/2014
Photo of Sistrunk, Mr. James Mr. James Sistrunk   03/08/2014
Photo of Jefferson, Mrs. Annie Mae Cook Mrs. Annie Mae Cook Jefferson   03/08/2014
Photo of Lang, Jr., Mr. James Haywood Mr. James Haywood Lang, Jr.   03/07/2014
Photo of Moore, Mr. Thermon Clinton Mr. Thermon Clinton Moore   03/03/2014
Photo of Humphrey, Mrs. Bertiera S. Mrs. Bertiera S. Humphrey   03/01/2014
Photo of Johnson, Mrs. Cassandra R. ( Mrs. Cassandra R. ( Johnson   02/28/2014
Photo of Anderson, Mr. Carl M. Mr. Carl M. Anderson   02/27/2014
Photo of Shelton, Mrs. Mary A. Mrs. Mary A. Shelton   02/22/2014
Photo of Bartlett, Ms. Carolyn D. Ms. Carolyn D. Bartlett   02/19/2014
Photo of West, Mrs. Shelia Logan Mrs. Shelia Logan West   02/15/2014
Photo of Adams, Jr., Mr. Calvin Mr. Calvin Adams, Jr.   02/14/2014
Photo of Franklin, Mr. Calvin Mr. Calvin Franklin   02/14/2014
Photo of McCrary, Mother Martha Hawkins Mother Martha Hawkins McCrary   02/13/2014
Photo of Milton, Mrs. Anna L. Mrs. Anna L. Milton   02/09/2014
Photo of Sadler, Mr. Johnny Frank Mr. Johnny Frank Sadler   02/08/2014
Photo of Turner, Mr. Benjamin Mr. Benjamin Turner   02/08/2014
Photo of Tate, Sr., Mr. James Allen Mr. James Allen Tate, Sr.   02/08/2014
Photo of Lanier, Ms. Cleanza Mariea Ms. Cleanza Mariea Lanier   02/07/2014
Photo of Joiner, Mr. Claude P. ( Mr. Claude P. ("Claudie") Joiner   02/07/2014
Photo of Derrick, Mr. Robert M. Mr. Robert M. Derrick   02/06/2014
Photo of Fletcher, Mr. Charles Mr. Charles Fletcher   02/06/2014
Photo of Kirby, Mrs. Carol Julia Mrs. Carol Julia Kirby   02/04/2014
Photo of Wesley (Tim Blackburn), Mr. Terris D. Mr. Terris D. Wesley (Tim Blackburn)   02/04/2014
Photo of Smith, Jr., Mr. William Henry Mr. William Henry Smith, Jr.   02/04/2014
Photo of Moore, Mr. Demarico Mr. Demarico Moore   02/02/2014
Photo of Johnson, Mr. William Myers ( Mr. William Myers ("Chicken") Johnson   02/02/2014
Photo of Ford, Mr. Steve Mr. Steve Ford   01/30/2014
Photo of Jackson, Mrs. Odell Crutcher Mrs. Odell Crutcher Jackson   01/29/2014
Photo of Muldrow-Harrison, Mrs. Zerita D. Mrs. Zerita D. Muldrow-Harrison   01/28/2014
Photo of Montague, Ms. Sherrell Ms. Sherrell Montague   01/28/2014
Photo of Jolly, Mrs. Earline Bentley Mrs. Earline Bentley Jolly   01/26/2014
Photo of Jordan, Mr. Thomas ( Mr. Thomas ("Bubba") Jordan   01/26/2014
Photo of Derrick, Mr. Timothy Latrell Mr. Timothy Latrell Derrick   01/25/2014
Photo of Nance, Mr. Alphonso Mr. Alphonso Nance   01/25/2014
Photo of McCrary, Mrs. Virginia Pope Mrs. Virginia Pope McCrary   01/19/2014
Photo of Smith, Mr. Timothy Mr. Timothy Smith   01/19/2014
Photo of James, Mr. John Walter ( Mr. John Walter ("Bubba") James   01/16/2014
Photo of Avery, Mrs. Mary O. Mrs. Mary O. Avery   01/14/2014
Photo of Hawkins, Mr. George ( Mr. George ("Dusie") Hawkins   01/09/2014
Photo of Leamon, Baby Cornelious Baby Cornelious Leamon   01/06/2014
Photo of Anderson, Mr. Carl Lee Mr. Carl Lee Anderson   01/06/2014
Photo of Jones, Mrs. Ethel Hill Mrs. Ethel Hill Jones   01/06/2014
Photo of Troupe, Mr. Tom Eddie Mr. Tom Eddie Troupe   01/01/2014
Photo of Rodgers, Mr. Earl Mr. Earl Rodgers   12/27/2013
Photo of Boyd, Mrs. Lois Mrs. Lois Boyd   12/27/2013
Photo of Collier, Baby Girl Sakkayla Baby Girl Sakkayla Collier   12/26/2013
Photo of Wright, Mr. Perry L. Mr. Perry L. Wright   12/26/2013
Photo of Briggs, Mr. Thomas ( Mr. Thomas ("Mack") Briggs   12/26/2013
Photo of Shields, Ms. Wanda Elaine Ms. Wanda Elaine Shields   12/23/2013
Photo of Parks, Mrs. Irene Williams Mrs. Irene Williams Parks   12/22/2013
Photo of Gurley, Sr., Mr. Willie Erskine ( Mr. Willie Erskine ("Bill") Gurley, Sr.   12/22/2013
Photo of Sullivan, Ms. Daisy Bell Ms. Daisy Bell Sullivan   12/20/2013
Photo of Hammond, Mr. James Richard Mr. James Richard Hammond   12/16/2013
Photo of Gunn, Ms. Pamela D. Ms. Pamela D. Gunn   12/16/2013
Photo of Lacey, Jr., Mr. Ulas ( Mr. Ulas ("Sweetman") Lacey, Jr.   12/15/2013
Photo of Horton, Ms Georgia Mae Ms Georgia Mae Horton   12/15/2013
Photo of Barrow, Master Randle Carlton Master Randle Carlton Barrow   12/15/2013
Photo of Saffold, Ms. Shelley Ann Ms. Shelley Ann Saffold   12/14/2013
Photo of Barrow, Ms. Delicia Latrice Ms. Delicia Latrice Barrow   12/14/2013
Photo of Richardson, Ms. Deborah A. Ms. Deborah A. Richardson   12/13/2013
Photo of Jones, Mr. Bobby Lewis Mr. Bobby Lewis Jones   12/12/2013
Photo of Thompson, Ms. Margaret D. ( Ms. Margaret D. ("Wooda") Thompson   12/11/2013
Photo of Adkins, Mr. Elmer Mr. Elmer Adkins   12/05/2013
Photo of Mitchell, Mr. Solomon Mr. Solomon Mitchell   12/04/2013
Photo of Clift, Mrs. Fannie Mae Mrs. Fannie Mae Clift   12/03/2013
Photo of Cross, Mr. David Mr. David Cross   12/01/2013
Photo of Cooper, Mr. Wilbert H. Mr. Wilbert H. Cooper   12/01/2013
Photo of Montgomery, Ms. Carol D. ( Ms. Carol D. ("Lois") Montgomery   11/30/2013
Photo of Johnson, Mr. Davie Mr. Davie Johnson   11/30/2013
Photo of Simpson, Mr. Kelby L. Mr. Kelby L. Simpson   11/24/2013
Photo of McCrary, Mr. James Allen Mr. James Allen McCrary   11/22/2013
Photo of Simpson, Sr., Mr. David DeVoy Mr. David DeVoy Simpson, Sr.   11/22/2013
Photo of Whitman, Sr., Mr. Eddie Mack Mr. Eddie Mack Whitman, Sr.   11/20/2013
Photo of Flint, Mrs. Mamie Mrs. Mamie Flint   11/19/2013
Photo of Strong, Mrs. Betty Mrs. Betty Strong   11/19/2013
Photo of Lockett, Mr. George Edward Mr. George Edward Lockett   11/18/2013
Photo of Duncan, Mr. R. B. Mr. R. B. Duncan   11/16/2013
Photo of Mims, Mrs. Barbara Mrs. Barbara Mims   11/16/2013
Photo of Vaughn, Mrs. Lucy Mrs. Lucy Vaughn   11/15/2013
Photo of Crutcher, Mrs. Julia L. Mrs. Julia L. Crutcher   11/13/2013
Photo of James, Mr. Timothy D. Mr. Timothy D. James   11/13/2013
Photo of Jones, Minister Brenda Jordan Minister Brenda Jordan Jones   11/13/2013
Photo of Hamilton, Mrs. Delarise Dawson Mrs. Delarise Dawson Hamilton   11/06/2013
Photo of Nance, Mrs. Rachel M. Mrs. Rachel M. Nance   11/03/2013
Photo of Hereford, Mr. Thomas E. Mr. Thomas E. Hereford   11/02/2013
Photo of Crutcher, Mr. Allie ( Mr. Allie ("Allen") Crutcher   11/02/2013
Photo of Edwards, Mr. Henry Mr. Henry Edwards   11/02/2013
Photo of Bonaparte, Mrs. Arnez Turner Mrs. Arnez Turner Bonaparte   10/30/2013
Photo of Tibbs, Mrs. Gertrude Fields Mrs. Gertrude Fields Tibbs   10/28/2013
Photo of Patton, Ms. Barbara Ms. Barbara Patton   10/27/2013
Photo of Doss, Mr. Calvin Mr. Calvin Doss   10/27/2013
Photo of Culberson, Ms. Brenda G. Ms. Brenda G. Culberson   10/25/2013
Photo of Morris, Mr. Travis Eugene Mr. Travis Eugene Morris   10/19/2013
Photo of Pompey, Mrs. Zera Fisher Mrs. Zera Fisher Pompey   10/18/2013
Photo of Hughes, Mr. Elbert David Mr. Elbert David Hughes   10/18/2013
Photo of Bell, Mrs. Renee Denise Mrs. Renee Denise Bell   10/09/2013
Photo of Walton, Dr. Terrence Wayne Dr. Terrence Wayne Walton   10/08/2013
Photo of Boone, Mr. Reginald ( Mr. Reginald ("Ray") Boone   10/06/2013
Photo of Humphrey, Jr., Mr. Cleveland ( Mr. Cleveland ("Mack") Humphrey, Jr.   10/04/2013
Photo of Hayes, Mr. Bradley Antwon Mr. Bradley Antwon Hayes   10/02/2013
Photo of Bone, Mr. Walter Eugene Mr. Walter Eugene Bone   09/27/2013
Photo of Bell, Mr. Murray Mr. Murray Bell   09/27/2013
Photo of Lowery, Mrs. Evelyn Mrs. Evelyn Lowery   09/26/2013
Photo of Carter, Mrs. Emma Jean Mrs. Emma Jean Carter   09/26/2013
Photo of Jacobs, Mr. Melvin Roy Mr. Melvin Roy Jacobs   09/24/2013
Photo of McGlothin, Ms. Pam Malone Ms. Pam Malone McGlothin   09/21/2013
Photo of Isbell, Mrs. Estell Drinkard Mrs. Estell Drinkard Isbell   09/18/2013
Photo of Collier, Mr. Warren Mr. Warren Collier   09/17/2013
Photo of Morgan, Mrs. Lillian Mrs. Lillian Morgan   09/08/2013
Photo of Barr, Ms. Tracy Ms. Tracy Barr   09/07/2013
Photo of Collier, Mrs. Zelma Mrs. Zelma Collier   09/06/2013
Photo of Nance, Sr., Mr. George Mr. George Nance, Sr.   09/04/2013
Photo of Petty, Mrs. Louise Mrs. Louise Petty   09/01/2013
Photo of Washington, Attorney Alma Faye Posey Attorney Alma Faye Posey Washington   08/31/2013
Photo of Jenkins, Mr. Lester Mr. Lester Jenkins   08/29/2013
Photo of Betts, Mr. Buford Mr. Buford Betts   08/29/2013
Photo of Warren, Mr. Christopher Mr. Christopher Warren   08/28/2013
Photo of Joseph, Mrs. Beulah Mrs. Beulah Joseph   08/28/2013
Photo of Friend, Mrs. Phyllis A. Mrs. Phyllis A. Friend   08/25/2013
Photo of Heathington, Sr., Mr. Spencer Mr. Spencer Heathington, Sr.   08/24/2013
Photo of Moore, Sr., Mr. Charles ( Mr. Charles ("Chuck") Moore, Sr.   08/24/2013
Photo of Parker, Mrs. Bernice Mrs. Bernice Parker   08/23/2013
Photo of Hardy, Baby Girl Faith Baby Girl Faith Hardy   08/22/2013
Photo of Jones, Jr., Mr. Connie Mr. Connie Jones, Jr.   08/22/2013
Photo of Woods, Mr. Deundrez Mr. Deundrez Woods   08/21/2013
Photo of Sanders, Mrs. Bertha Mrs. Bertha Sanders   08/21/2013
Photo of Battle, Mrs. Alma Mrs. Alma Battle   08/20/2013
Photo of Pope, Mr. Garland Mr. Garland Pope   08/16/2013
Photo of Minor, Mrs. Jacqueline Mrs. Jacqueline Minor   08/16/2013
Photo of Baylor, Sr., Mr. Donald Mr. Donald Baylor, Sr.   08/15/2013
Photo of McMullen, Mr. Brandon Mr. Brandon McMullen   08/13/2013
Photo of Dotson, Mr. Otis Mr. Otis Dotson   08/13/2013
Photo of Foster, Mr. Danton Mr. Danton Foster   08/10/2013
Photo of Love, Mother Della Mother Della Love   08/03/2013
Photo of Harris,  Sr., Mr. I. W. Mr. I. W. Harris, Sr.   08/01/2013
Photo of Bailey, Mr. James Mr. James Bailey   07/29/2013
Photo of Fair, Mr. Dexter Mr. Dexter Fair   07/19/2013
Photo of Baker, Mr. Cory Mr. Cory Baker   07/19/2013
Photo of Lyle, Mrs. Dorothy Mrs. Dorothy Lyle   07/16/2013
Photo of Colvin, Mr. John Mr. John Colvin   07/15/2013
Photo of Wilson, Mr. Frank Mr. Frank Wilson   07/09/2013
Photo of Freeman, Mr. William Mr. William Freeman   07/08/2013
Photo of Mulder, Ms. Janet Ms. Janet Mulder   07/07/2013
Photo of Miller, Mrs. Alberta Mrs. Alberta Miller   07/06/2013
Photo of Jones, Mr. Bobby Mr. Bobby Jones   07/06/2013
Photo of Bell, Mr. Milton Mr. Milton Bell   07/05/2013
Photo of Houston, Mrs. Versie Mrs. Versie Houston   07/03/2013
Photo of Collier, Mrs. Sarah Mrs. Sarah Collier   07/01/2013
Photo of Wright, Mrs. Florence Mrs. Florence Wright   07/01/2013
Photo of Rich, Mrs. Brenda Mrs. Brenda Rich   06/29/2013
Photo of Ragland, Jr., Mr. Elmer Mr. Elmer Ragland, Jr.   06/28/2013
Photo of Jones, Mrs. Pearline Mrs. Pearline Jones   06/27/2013
Photo of Walker, Mr. Johnnie Mr. Johnnie Walker   06/22/2013
Photo of McCartney, Ms. Lasonya Ms. Lasonya McCartney   06/17/2013
Photo of Battle, Sr., Mr. Marvin Mr. Marvin Battle, Sr.   06/14/2013
Photo of Drake, Ms. Cassandra Ms. Cassandra Drake   06/13/2013
Photo of Henderson, Mr. Robert Mr. Robert Henderson   06/11/2013
Photo of Cherry, Ms. Ezrhea Ms. Ezrhea Cherry   06/03/2013
Photo of Easley, Mrs. Nevada Mrs. Nevada Easley   05/31/2013
Photo of Hambrick, Ms. Victoria Ms. Victoria Hambrick   05/29/2013
Photo of Williams, Mrs. Ruth Mrs. Ruth Williams   05/27/2013
Photo of Woods, Mr. Antawon Mr. Antawon Woods   05/27/2013
Photo of Walker, Sr., Mr. Harold Mr. Harold Walker, Sr.   05/27/2013
Photo of Sharp, Mr. Reginald Mr. Reginald Sharp   05/23/2013
Photo of Green, Mr. Jimmie Mr. Jimmie Green   05/22/2013
Photo of Cannon, Jr., Mr. Elias Mr. Elias Cannon, Jr.   05/21/2013
Photo of Gilstrap, Mr. Leroy Mr. Leroy Gilstrap   05/21/2013
Photo of Bell, Mr. Roderick Mr. Roderick Bell   05/16/2013
Photo of Parker, Ms. Mary Ms. Mary Parker   05/15/2013
Photo of Jackson, Ms. Cheryl Ms. Cheryl Jackson   05/12/2013
Photo of Titsworth, Mr. Brandon Mr. Brandon Titsworth   05/11/2013
Photo of Smith, Mr. Rickie Mr. Rickie Smith   05/01/2013
Photo of Ray, Mrs. Willie Mrs. Willie Ray   04/27/2013
Photo of Edwards, Mr. Terry Mr. Terry Edwards   04/23/2013
Photo of Chandler, Mr. Floyd Mr. Floyd Chandler   04/23/2013
Photo of Smith, Mrs. Gloria Mrs. Gloria Smith   04/19/2013
Photo of Webster, Mr. Donald Mr. Donald Webster   04/11/2013
Photo of Merrimon, Ms. Share Ms. Share Merrimon   04/07/2013
Photo of Brown, Mr. John Mr. John Brown   04/07/2013
Photo of Hamlet, Mr. Otha Mr. Otha Hamlet   04/04/2013
Photo of Johnson, Reverend Kenneth Reverend Kenneth Johnson   03/30/2013
Photo of Hardin, Mr. James Mr. James Hardin   03/27/2013
Photo of Thompson, Mrs. Windell Mrs. Windell Thompson   03/25/2013
Photo of Hill, Mr. Edwin Mr. Edwin Hill   03/23/2013
Photo of Thomas, Mrs. Emma Mrs. Emma Thomas   03/22/2013
Photo of Murph, Baby Boy Baby Boy Murph   03/21/2013
Photo of Kenner, Mr.  Willie Mr. Willie Kenner   03/16/2013
Photo of Battle, Deacon  Abraham Deacon Abraham Battle   03/13/2013
Photo of Thompson, Mr. LaCharles Mr. LaCharles Thompson   03/13/2013
Photo of Scruggs, Mr. Garry Mr. Garry Scruggs   03/08/2013
Photo of Jefferson, Mr. Eddie Mr. Eddie Jefferson   03/07/2013
Photo of Ray, Jr., Mr. Charles Mr. Charles Ray, Jr.   03/05/2013
Photo of Peerson, Mr. Joshua Mr. Joshua Peerson   03/02/2013
Photo of Jefferson, Mr. David Mr. David Jefferson   02/28/2013
Photo of Gilbreath, Mrs. Nera Mrs. Nera Gilbreath   02/27/2013
Photo of Hammonds, Mrs. Mary Mrs. Mary Hammonds   02/25/2013
Photo of Norvell, Master Tier Master Tier Norvell   02/24/2013
Photo of Troupe, Mr. Phillip Mr. Phillip Troupe   02/21/2013
Photo of Brownlee, Mrs. Ninell Mrs. Ninell Brownlee   02/21/2013
Photo of Douglas, Mr. Lewis Mr. Lewis Douglas   02/12/2013
Photo of Lanye, Mrs. Shirley Mrs. Shirley Lanye   01/30/2013
Photo of Robinson, Ms. Phyllis Ms. Phyllis Robinson   01/26/2013
Photo of Williamson, Ms. Diana Ms. Diana Williamson   01/26/2013
Photo of Benham, Mrs. Margarine Mrs. Margarine Benham   01/24/2013
Photo of Williams, Reverend Billy Reverend Billy Williams   01/20/2013
Photo of Jennings, Mr. Marlon Mr. Marlon Jennings   01/18/2013
Photo of Leslie, Mr. James Mr. James Leslie   01/16/2013
Photo of Wherry, Mr. John Mr. John Wherry   01/14/2013
Photo of Erskine, Mrs. Estella Mrs. Estella Erskine   01/12/2013
Photo of Smith, Mrs. Mary Mrs. Mary Smith   01/10/2013
Photo of Jasper, Jr., Mr. Lihue Mr. Lihue Jasper, Jr.   01/06/2013
Photo of Williams, Mr. Jermaine Mr. Jermaine Williams   01/05/2013
Photo of Love, Mr. Christopher Mr. Christopher Love   01/05/2013
Photo of Toney, Mr. Levion Mr. Levion Toney   01/04/2013
Photo of Dorsey, Mr. Eugene Mr. Eugene Dorsey   01/03/2013
Photo of Cole-Brown, Mrs. Bettye Mrs. Bettye Cole-Brown   12/30/2012
Photo of Bond, Dr. Arthur Dr. Arthur Bond   12/30/2012
Photo of Humphrey Thomas, Mr. Trevor Mr. Trevor Humphrey Thomas   12/30/2012
Photo of Graham, Mrs. Nancy Mrs. Nancy Graham   12/27/2012
Photo of Townsend, Mrs. Ruby Mrs. Ruby Townsend   12/26/2012
Photo of Lightfoot, Ms. Louise Daniel Ms. Louise Daniel Lightfoot   12/26/2012
Photo of Martin, Mrs. Margaret Mrs. Margaret Martin   12/24/2012
Photo of Vann, Mr. Donzell Mr. Donzell Vann   12/24/2012
Photo of Curtis, Mrs. Mary Mrs. Mary Curtis   12/24/2012
Photo of Hardy, Mr. Oliver Mr. Oliver Hardy   12/20/2012
Photo of Hill, Infant Cadance Infant Cadance Hill   12/19/2012
Photo of Humphrey, Mother Bessie Mother Bessie Humphrey   12/16/2012
Photo of Lacy, Ms. Alene Ms. Alene "Winnie" Lacy   12/10/2012
Photo of Davis, Ms. Dianne Ms. Dianne Davis   12/08/2012
Photo of Pruitt, Sr., Mr. Robert Mr. Robert Pruitt, Sr.   12/07/2012
Photo of Steger, Ms. Kristie Ms. Kristie Steger   12/07/2012
Photo of Rice, Sr., Mr. Robert Mr. Robert Rice, Sr.   12/04/2012
Photo of Brent, Mrs. Alma Mrs. Alma Brent   11/29/2012
Photo of Walker, Ms. Janet Ms. Janet Walker   11/28/2012
Photo of Vance, Mrs. Louise Mrs. Louise Vance   11/27/2012
Photo of Horzempa, Mr. John Mr. John Horzempa   11/25/2012
Photo of Fitchard, Mrs. Natalie Mrs. Natalie Fitchard   11/25/2012
Photo of Goddard, Mr. Goodwin Mr. Goodwin Goddard   11/21/2012
Photo of Johnson, Mr. William Mr. William Johnson   11/16/2012
Photo of Barnett, Mr. Barney Mr. Barney Barnett   11/14/2012
Photo of Love, Mr. Pedro Mr. Pedro Love   11/13/2012
Photo of Scott, Ms. Candiace Ms. Candiace Scott   11/12/2012
Photo of Bell Roundtree, Mrs. Carolyn V. Mrs. Carolyn V. Bell Roundtree   11/05/2012
Photo of Ford, Ms. LaTrese Romeria Ms. LaTrese Romeria Ford   11/01/2012
Photo of Fields, Mr. James Mr. James Fields   10/29/2012
Photo of Porter, Mr. Donnie James Mr. Donnie James Porter   10/25/2012
Photo of Twitty, Ms. Amanda Steger Ms. Amanda Steger Twitty   10/21/2012
Photo of Jackson, Mr. Barry Mr. Barry Jackson   10/20/2012
Photo of Green, Mrs. Lillie Mrs. Lillie Green   10/18/2012
Photo of Clay, Ms. Mozelle Ms. Mozelle Clay   10/17/2012
Photo of Brazelton, Ms. Hattie Ms. Hattie Brazelton   10/15/2012
Photo of Pope, Ms. Lue Ms. Lue Pope   10/14/2012
Photo of Graham, Ms. Martha Ms. Martha Graham   10/14/2012
Photo of Steele, Ms. Sarah Ms. Sarah Steele   10/12/2012
Photo of Glover, Mrs. Betty Mrs. Betty Glover   10/10/2012
Photo of Miller, Ms. Velma Ms. Velma Miller   10/10/2012
Photo of Grant, Mr. Artis Mr. Artis Grant   10/09/2012
Photo of Cross, Mr. George Mr. George Cross   10/06/2012
Photo of Collier, Miss Sheryl Miss Sheryl Collier   10/06/2012
Photo of Marks, Mr. Alfred Mr. Alfred Marks   10/04/2012
Photo of Shoulders, Mr. Alfonzo Mr. Alfonzo Shoulders   10/01/2012
Photo of Humphrey, Mr. Robert Mr. Robert Humphrey   09/27/2012
Photo of Foster, Mr. Dave Mr. Dave Foster   09/27/2012
Photo of Powers, Jr., Mr. Howard Mr. Howard Powers, Jr.   09/21/2012
Photo of Jamar, Jr., Mr. Walter Mr. Walter Jamar, Jr.   09/17/2012
Photo of Eason, Ms. Catherine Ms. Catherine Eason   09/17/2012
Photo of McCrary, Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Mrs. Elizabeth Ann McCrary   09/16/2012
Photo of Pickett, Mr. Timothy Mr. Timothy Pickett   09/16/2012
Photo of Sheffield, Jr., Mr. James Mr. James Sheffield, Jr.   09/16/2012
Photo of Thompson, Mr. Ellis Mr. Ellis Thompson   09/16/2012
Photo of Gardner, Mrs. Mamie Mrs. Mamie Gardner   09/15/2012
Photo of Beard, Mr. Troy Mr. Troy Beard   09/14/2012
Photo of Wright, Mr. Derrick Mr. Derrick Wright   09/14/2012
Photo of Miller, Mrs. Bertha Mrs. Bertha Miller   09/12/2012
Photo of Underwood, Mr. Ray Mr. Ray Underwood   09/11/2012
Photo of Bell, Reverend Ezekiel Reverend Ezekiel Bell   09/09/2012
Photo of Jordan, Mr. Willie Mr. Willie Jordan   09/08/2012
Photo of Boone, Mr. Melvin Mr. Melvin Boone   09/06/2012
Photo of Casey, Mrs. Ezella Mrs. Ezella Casey   09/01/2012
Photo of Barrow, Mr. Melchester Mr. Melchester Barrow   09/01/2012
Photo of Mitchell, Minister Sarah Minister Sarah Mitchell   08/31/2012
Photo of Sitgraves, Mrs. Essie Mrs. Essie Sitgraves   08/31/2012
Photo of Thompson, Mrs. Mary Mrs. Mary Thompson   08/26/2012
Photo of Bradford, Mr. Clyde Mr. Clyde Bradford   08/24/2012
Photo of Stone, Mr. Fred Mr. Fred Stone   08/22/2012
Photo of Townsend, Ms. Velveline Ms. Velveline Townsend   08/21/2012
Photo of Stigger, Baby Boy Sebastian Baby Boy Sebastian Stigger   08/19/2012
Photo of Carroll, Mrs. Eloise Elliott Mrs. Eloise Elliott Carroll   08/16/2012
Photo of Carroll, Mr. Eugene Mr. Eugene Carroll   08/16/2012
Photo of Taylor, Mr. Lawrence Mr. Lawrence Taylor   08/13/2012
Photo of Ward, Mr. John Mr. John Ward   08/05/2012
Photo of Fields, Mr. Michael Mr. Michael Fields   07/31/2012
Photo of Brandon, Mr. Darrick (Deputy Dog) Mr. Darrick (Deputy Dog) Brandon   07/28/2012
Photo of Humphrey, Mr. Lloyd Mr. Lloyd Humphrey   07/25/2012
Photo of Horton, Mrs. Callie Mrs. Callie Horton   07/23/2012
Photo of Turner, Mr. Cleatus Mr. Cleatus Turner   07/19/2012
Photo of Jones, Mr. Willie Mr. Willie Jones   07/17/2012
Photo of Chisholm, Mr. Darrion Mr. Darrion Chisholm   07/15/2012
Photo of Malone, Mr. Albert Mr. Albert Malone   07/09/2012
Photo of Stennett, Mr. Thomas Mr. Thomas Stennett   07/08/2012
Photo of Willis, Mr. Bobby Mr. Bobby Willis   07/08/2012
Photo of Thompson, Mr. Leather Mr. Leather Thompson   07/08/2012
Photo of Battle, Mother Velma Mother Velma Battle   07/05/2012
Photo of Pinchon, Mr. Leland Mr. Leland Pinchon   07/02/2012
Photo of Hammonds, Ms.Tammy Ms.Tammy Hammonds   06/29/2012
Photo of Jolly, Mr. Arthur Mr. Arthur Jolly   06/25/2012
Photo of Langford, Ms. Mariah Ms. Mariah Langford   06/25/2012
Photo of Booker, Mr. Robert Mr. Robert Booker   06/24/2012
Photo of Steger, Ms. Dines Ms. Dines Steger   06/22/2012
Photo of Starks, Mr. George Mr. George Starks   06/20/2012
Photo of Burks, The Reverend Mattie The Reverend Mattie Burks   06/16/2012
Photo of Kimbrough, Ms. Kelly Ms. Kelly Kimbrough   06/15/2012
Photo of Vaughn, Anthony Anthony Vaughn   06/08/2012
Photo of Robinson, Shawn Shawn Robinson   06/08/2012
Photo of Steger, Mr. John Mr. John Steger   06/07/2012
Photo of Steger, Mr. Leonard Mr. Leonard Steger   06/04/2012
Photo of Pinchon, Ms. Julie Ms. Julie Pinchon   06/04/2012
Photo of Hartsfield, Jr., Mr. Thomas Mr. Thomas Hartsfield, Jr.   06/03/2012
Photo of Davis, Mr. Sammie Mr. Sammie Davis   06/03/2012
Photo of Bogan, Mr. Willie Mr. Willie Bogan   06/03/2012
Photo of Dean, Mrs. Annie Mrs. Annie Dean   06/01/2012
Photo of Birts, Mrs. Fostene Mrs. Fostene Birts   05/31/2012
Photo of Smith, Mrs. Jeanette Mrs. Jeanette Smith   05/28/2012
Photo of Holman, Jr., Mr. Norman Mr. Norman Holman, Jr.   05/28/2012
Photo of Jefferson, Mr. Eric Mr. Eric Jefferson   05/28/2012
Photo of Williams, Mr. Blane Mr. Blane Williams   05/24/2012
Photo of Foster, Mr. Frederick Mr. Frederick Foster   05/23/2012
Photo of Clemons, Mr. Hurbert Mr. Hurbert Clemons   05/21/2012
Photo of Edwards, Ms. Kim Ms. Kim Edwards   05/20/2012
Photo of Davidson, Ms. Audra Ms. Audra Davidson   05/18/2012
Photo of Collier, Sara Sara Collier   05/18/2012
Photo of Miller, Mrs. Chamish Mrs. Chamish Miller   05/15/2012
Photo of Garner, Mr. Henley Mr. Henley Garner   05/09/2012
Photo of Clay, Jr., Dr. Theodore Dr. Theodore Clay, Jr.   05/06/2012
Photo of Surles, Mr. Richard Mr. Richard Surles   05/04/2012
Photo of Hardin, Ms. Bettye Ms. Bettye Hardin   05/04/2012
Photo of Beecher, Mr. Keith Mr. Keith Beecher   04/29/2012
Photo of Ewing, Jr., Reverend Henry Reverend Henry Ewing, Jr.   04/27/2012
Photo of Blacknall, Benjamin Benjamin Blacknall   04/25/2012
Photo of Mosley, Grady Grady Mosley   04/25/2012
Photo of McCrary, Mr. Ricky Mr. Ricky McCrary   04/20/2012
Photo of Hardnett, Mrs. Dorothy Mrs. Dorothy Hardnett   04/19/2012
Photo of McVay, Mrs. Nazaree Mrs. Nazaree McVay   04/18/2012
Photo of Thompson, Mr. Byron Mr. Byron Thompson   04/18/2012
Photo of Fletcher, Sr., Mr. Levon Mr. Levon Fletcher, Sr.   04/16/2012
Photo of Moore, Mr. Harold Mr. Harold Moore   04/15/2012
Photo of Brazille, Mrs. Mary Mrs. Mary Brazille   04/13/2012
Photo of Garner, Mrs. Lucile Mrs. Lucile Garner   04/10/2012
Photo of Simpson, Mrs. Pearlie Mrs. Pearlie Simpson   04/09/2012
Photo of Leslie, Mr. Michael Mr. Michael Leslie   04/03/2012
Photo of Watts, Master Montrell Master Montrell Watts   03/31/2012
Photo of Rice, Mrs. Lillie Mrs. Lillie Rice   03/29/2012
Photo of Surles, Mr. Amos Mr. Amos Surles   03/27/2012
Photo of Wilson, Mr. Wilfred Mr. Wilfred Wilson   03/26/2012
Photo of Ford Morrison, Mrs. Elizabeth Mrs. Elizabeth Ford Morrison   03/26/2012
Photo of Horton, Mr. James Mr. James Horton   03/26/2012
Photo of Janey, Mrs. Katie Mrs. Katie Janey   03/25/2012
Photo of Reed, Mrs. Juanita Mrs. Juanita Reed   03/22/2012
Photo of Gideon, Mrs. Elizabeth Mrs. Elizabeth Gideon   03/21/2012
Photo of Carthen, Richard Richard Carthen   03/19/2012
Photo of Washington, Reverend Dr. George Reverend Dr. George Washington   03/18/2012
Photo of Lawson, Isaac Isaac Lawson   03/16/2012
Photo of Scruggs, Mrs. Dollie Mrs. Dollie Scruggs   03/15/2012
Photo of Wilson, James James Wilson   03/14/2012
Photo of Toney, Mr. Charles Mr. Charles Toney   03/13/2012
Photo of Daniels, Sr., Richard Richard Daniels, Sr.   03/11/2012
Photo of McCrary, Tracy Tracy McCrary   03/11/2012
Photo of Columbert, Mrs. Ruth Mrs. Ruth Columbert   03/10/2012
Photo of Friend, Sr., Mr. Willie Mr. Willie Friend, Sr.   03/08/2012
Photo of Bailey, Russell Russell Bailey   03/03/2012
Photo of Rice, Jr., Cal (Cally-Sue) Cal (Cally-Sue) Rice, Jr.   02/29/2012
Photo of Burton, Valerie Valerie Burton   02/29/2012
Photo of Jones, Calvin Calvin Jones   02/23/2012
Photo of Jordan, Arthur Arthur Jordan   02/22/2012
Photo of McCurdy, Alvin Alvin McCurdy   02/20/2012
Photo of Smith, Elizabeth Elizabeth Smith   02/18/2012
Photo of Jones, Cedric Cedric Jones   02/16/2012
Photo of Battle-Howard, Ollie Ollie Battle-Howard   02/15/2012
Photo of Corn, Baby Girl Nevaeh Baby Girl Nevaeh Corn   02/07/2012
Photo of Sharpley, Particia Particia Sharpley   02/07/2012
Photo of Mitchell, Allen Allen Mitchell   01/28/2012
Photo of Moore, Frank Frank Moore   01/27/2012
Photo of Booker, Carroll Carroll Booker   01/26/2012
Photo of Booker, Carlos Carlos Booker   01/21/2012
Photo of Thompson, Jr., Walter (Bill) Walter (Bill) Thompson, Jr.   01/10/2012
Photo of Hall, Cedric Cedric Hall   01/03/2012
Photo of Elliott, Dorothy Dorothy Elliott   12/28/2011
Photo of Ford, Jr., Jimmy Jimmy Ford, Jr.   12/17/2011
(No Photo Available)  
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